Tamil Incest Brother Sister Marriage 3

I Married My Sister
Tamil Incest Brother Sister Marriage 3
There was a postman standing outside the door. he had a telegram in his hand. he said “sir, here is a telegram to you. please sign and have it”, i signed the form and got the telegram. “your aunt died, start immediately, your uncle”. really it was a very sad message to me. because, my aunt (periyamma) was very kind and polite. she treated me and my sister as her children. so our firstnight ended with sorrow. i informed my sister that news. we arrived our aunt’s house which is placed in a village near mettur.

Arrival of us, our relations weaped loudly and we too participate that sarrow. after funeral, we stayed in out aunt’s house for more than fifteen days.

En periyammaa magalum en thangaiyumaana renuka, en thangai kalaivaniyin kaathil etho kusukusuvendru pesiyathai oru naal maalaiyil paarththen. thaniye kalaiyidam “ennadi, un thangai ennamo un kaathil katiththaale, enna adhu?”, endru ketten. atharku aval “oru mukkiyamaana vishayamthaan. athuvum namakku inippaana vishayamthaan”, endraal. “ennadi puthir podukiraay? seekkiram vishayaththaich chollith tholai”, endren. “athu veru ondrumillai, renukaavin annan ramesh, renukaavai kanakkup pannap paarkkiraanaam”, endraal. “adade, avarkalum namma list thaanaa?”, endru poorippudan ketten. “amaam annaa, unakku ninaivirukkirathaa? nam chiruvayathu vilaiyaattukal?”, endraal kalai. enakku ninaivukal pinnokkich chendrana.

I and my sister kalaivani, ramesh and his sister renuka, we four were lived in our aunt’s house. in that time, i , ramesh, kalaivani, and renuka were in ages 12,11,10,9 respectively. we were playing in the mango garden nearby our village. it is out of village. it has a safety border wall around it. there is a gate to enter that garden. we were played into the garden, in the play time i and ramesh ran to catch the girls and i hold renuka from behind and pinched her breasts. they were flat, and had small nipples. i rolled the nipple into my fingers and renuka cried by pain. so on the name of revenge, ramesh caught my sister kalai and hugged her and also pinched and carsed her breasts. she also cried.

First, they objected this type of play, but after some days of playing, they felt some curiosity, and they allowed us to play with their bodies. so, we two hugged and carsed the girls bodies. because of these activities, their breasts grown in size, first they grown in nellikkai size, then like lemon size, and lastly they became as the size of big orange. and our ages also growned. in my age 14, because of my father’s transfer , my parrents and me, my sister kalai migrated to salem. but for long period, i couldn’t forget the body of my cousin renuka.

My thoughts returned to live. i asked kalai, “what is your suggetion in this proposal?”, she replied, “why do we seperate this couple? we should help them to get together. what do you think?”, my opinion is same. so we deside to unit the couple. renukavin kaathil intha rakasiyaththai sonna kalai, “endi payappadara? allathu payappadara mathiri nadikkira? nee un annan kooda padukkaraththukku aavalaa irukkirandrathu engalukkuth theriyumdi thevadiyaa. neenga randu perum enga kooda othulaichchaa neenga randu perum thinam okkalaam. ennadi solra?”, endru kettaal. renuka vetkaththil thalayai kuninthukondu, “chee, podi “, endru thallivittaal. appothu jaakkettukkul maraiththu vaiththiruntha thaaliyai veliyil eduththu renukaavirkku kattinaal en thagai kalai. ” adiye thevadiyaa, ithai paarudi, en annan ennai kovilil ayyarai vaiththu thaali kattin pondaattiyaagave aakkikkondaandi. neeyum ithupola thaali kattina piraguthaan un annan kooda padukkanum, illainnaa avan unnai emaththi oththuttu vera evalaiyaavathu kattikkuvan”, endraal. athai ketta renuka, “adiye kalli, nee ennai thevadiyaangaraye, annan kaiyaaleye thaali kattikkonda neethaandi original thevadiyaa”, endru avalai kattippidiththu aval udhadugalaik katiththaal. my cousin wondered about the sacred thread hanging in my sister’s neck. she asked about our marriage. i narrated the story, after heared that renuka said with panting “so, your first night ended with sad climax. my consolence to both of you”, she laughed.

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